Who We Are and What We Do

Teens for Courage is a program of the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage. Our mission is to end teen dating violence (TDV) before it begins.
We feel the most effective way to create lasting change is through initiatives that focus on:


  • We provide and support programs and resources that teach healthy relationship behaviors in an effort to promote a future of positive, respectful teen relationships.
  • To help teens recognize and avoid unhealthy or abusive relationships, we provide and support programs and resources that raise teen awareness regarding different forms of violence, unhealthy behaviors in relationships, and the warning signs of TDV.
  • In an effort to promote a culture of individuals who act against violence, we support and provide bystander intervention programs and resources for teens.


  • Support teen-led Courage Clubs with funding and evidence-based information and resources in their effort to educate their peers on TDV and promote healthy teen relationships.
  • We host the annual Teens for Courage Summit, which provides additional education, networking opportunities, leadership training, updated information and resources, etc. that teens can utilize in educating their peers and raising TDV awareness.
  • Establish partnerships within communities, schools, faith-based organizations, etc. to provide the most applicable evidence-based programs and resources to teens.


  • Promote and support local and national programs and campaigns that focus on raising TDV awareness.
  • Sponsor grants and provide funding to organizations and programs that share in our mission to end TDV.
  • Utilize Social Media as an awareness raising tool as well as engage with media, publications, and academics to highlight the magnitude and scope of TDV.

Why Teens for Courage?

We believe that teens are the key to a future without violence. They have the courage to create lasting change in our society, and the power to shift our culture from one of ignoring TDV, to one that does not tolerate unhealthy or abusive relationship behaviors.

Teens learn from their peers. By providing teens with well-researched information, we are giving them the tools to empower themselves and practice peer to peer learning by sharing what they know with other teens.

Teens are the first line of defense for other teens. They often go to friends and peers for support before seeking the help of family or other adults. Our programs provide teens with viable resources that can be shared with friends and peers who may be in need of help and support.

Raising Awareness Through Prevention Programs

We respect that intersecting identities can result in increased risks of violence and want to provide the best evidence-based, culturally competent information possible to reduce those risks for everyone.

Our Prevention Education Programs focus on different types of relationships, promoting healthy relationships, recognizing the signs of unhealthy/abusive relationships, consent, raising peer awareness around these topics, being an active bystander, etc.
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Teens for Courage Board of Directors

Teens for Courage programming partners with schools and communities through teen-led Courage Clubs, middle school mentorship programs, and healthy relationship education to end all forms of Teen Dating Violence (TDV). Together, we promote healthy teen relationships and raise awareness surrounding TDV through community events and activities, educational workshops, and social media outreach.
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Jamie's Story

Jamie Kimble demonstrated love, compassion, strength, and courage to all who knew her. She was a light in this world, and through the choices and actions of a controlling and abusive partner, Jamie was tragically taken from this life too soon.
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About the Co-Founders

After her death, Jamie's parents began sharing her story to educate young people about the dangers of TDV and provide a message of hope and healing to create a future without violence.

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